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Janet North West Group

Welcome to Janet North West; the Janet community in North West England. Here you can find out about:

  • Getting help and support with your Janet connection and services.
  • The Janet services and connectivity available to you.
  • Your local Janet activities and events.

You can also use this Group to:

  • Get information and guidance about Janet’s services, policies, technology, etc. For example, you can ask about using Janet’s Frameworks or Brokerage service to save money, setting up Eduroam at your institution, upgrading your Janet connection or using the Janet videoconferencing service, as well as services in development.
  • Help build good practice in your region by sharing your information and experiences with other group members.
  • Build and co-ordinate regional collaborations and consortia that leverage the Janet infrastructure or services.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the Janet service or your connection, apart from fault reporting, please email or call your regional Account Manager.


Successful transfer of CanlMan network operations to Janet

Transfer of the management and operation of the Canlman network to Janet has been completed successfully. We would like acknowledge Canlman’s efforts in maintaining service delivery throughout the transition period and to thank them for their support in facilitating the transfer.

Janet North West

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