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Janet North West Group Welcome to Janet North West; the Janet community in North West England. Here you can find out about: Getting help and support with your Janet connection and services. The Janet services and connectivity available to you. Your local Janet activities and events. You can also use this Group to: Get information and guidance about Janet’s services, policies, technology, etc. For example, you can ask about using Janet’s Frameworks or Brokerage service to save money, setting up Eduroam at your institution, upgrading your Janet connection or using the Janet videoconferencing service, as well as services in development. Help build good practice in your region by sharing your information and experiences with other group members. Build and co-ordinate regional collaborations and consortia that leverage the Janet infrastructure or services. If you would like to discuss any aspect of the Janet service or your connection, apart from fault reporting, please email or call your regional Account Manager.

Group administrators:

Transfer of Net North West operations to Janet

4 February 2014 at 1:51pm

In line with Janet’s progression toward a more direct model of regional delivery, the services provided by Net North West and operation of the Net North West network will transfer to Janet in 2013. This includes services specifically funded by Janet at present under the Janet Partner Agreement (JPA), and the additional (non-JPA) services Net North West provides to its Members and other organisations.

Net North West is working closely with Janet to ensure a seamless transition with no service interruption or degradation for customers. If Net North West currently provides your connection to the Janet network, please note:

  • There will be no change to the majority of connections or services currently provided through Net North West or to the funding of your links and connections as a result of the transition.

  • We will tell you in good time if there is anything you need to do during the transition. We will contact all current Net North West customers to explain the process in more detail and to highlight any action you need take. Most customers will not need to do anything.

  • Your arrangements and contacts for fault reporting, service requests, etc., will change as a result of transition. We will write to you again confirming the new arrangements once the transition is complete.

The overall timetable for the transition will be available in this Group’s ‘Documents’ section and you can follow the general progress of the transfer on these pages.