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Welcome to the Janet North East Group This is the regional group for Janet customers in the North East seeking information about Janet connectivity in their area, support, services and contact information. The advanced technology at the heart of Janet coupled with the government’s drive for shared services and efficient procurement mean that Janet’s common infrastructure can support multiple communities and deliver significant savings. 

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North East Service Report - February 2018

29 March 2018 at 10:04am

North East Service Report - February 2018


Hello Howard,

The report seems to be serious messed up. It contains elements for the North East region and elements for the South West region, both in the summary and the per-institution details.

Can you please get this reviewed, amended and reissued?

Many thanks,

Michael Lancastle,
Network Manager,
Newcastle University.

Hello Michael,

Thank you for feeding back on this.

I have re-run the report and uploaded it as "North East Service Report v2 February 2018.pdf" and it now looks ok but can I ask you to check and confirm?

Thank you Michael.



Howard Ford
Network Service Manager
T 01235 822120
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