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Product name

iPass provided by Jisc

Product summary description

iPass is a Wi-Fi roaming service which provides unlimited data access globally through over 50 million hotspots, across 120 countries.  This includes:

• More than 15 top airlines like Air France, Etihad, JAL and Singapore Airlines

• More than 800 trains

• More than 780 airports

• More than 20 million local businesses, business hubs and open spaces

• More than 90,000 hotels and convention centres

• More than 30 million community hotspots

• More than 20 of the top cellular operator networks

94% coverage of the world’s top 100 airports (as measured by passenger volume)

What it enables

The service:

  • Enables individuals to ‘stay connected’ wherever they are, with coverage in over 120 countries; through more than 57 million hotspots
  • Provides substantial cost savings – avoiding expensive ‘roaming’ outside of Wi-Fi access  (through the use of expensive cellular networks)
  • Provides better security due to last mile VPN – many free Wi-Fi services can easily be compromised
  • Enables access to a range of user packages, available to suit all needs – bundles as low as 250 users, making it cost effective
  • Enables users to find the best hotspots and automatically connect users through iPass SmartConnect
  • Unlimited usage with no restrictions on data limits
  • Simple authenticate for users through the iPass hosted model

iPass currently enables LMVPN for all Android and iOS profiles for you and your customers.

iPass will set it to “Automatic” mode, whereby it will be automatically enabled for iPass hotspots* but users can switch it off on a per-connection basis

(* there is an initial one-off setup that users have to go through before this can be made available, see slides attached)


This document has been designed to help Jisc customers with providing 1st line support for their iPass license allocated end users.

Enquiries outside of the remit of this document can be sent to ipass@jisc.ac.uk for 2nd line support.

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