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This online interest group is intended to facilitate further networking opportunities for organisations, be they education technology companies or learning providers, to enable the development of consortia which can positively respond to the ITT for the 18-21 Work Skills Pilot: testing online and blended English and maths for benefits claimants.

In order to distinguish between organisations, the group has two wikis - education technology companies and learning providers, enabling organisations to add a biography of themselves under the appropriate heading. 

Building on the success of the recent face to face networking event, it would be beneficial if organisations could list the technological and/or pedagogical expertise they can bring to a consortia within their bio, alongside their contact information.

We encourage participants to use the wikis to identify potential partner organisations and to use the information provided to contact organisations directly to discuss any potential bid.

To create your bio

Click on 'Wiki' in the navigation bar on the right and select either education technology companies or learning provider, which will appear in the main page. Once selected, click on the edit tab (towards the top of page) and add your details to the next blank set of headings provided. Once you've completed your bio click 'save'.

For more details the 18-21 Work Skills Pilot: testing online and blended English and maths for benefits claimants, specification can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/317882/SPECIFICATION_-_Work_Skills_Pilot_May_2014_Final.pdf


Name of Company: Modern-English Digital Ltd.

Region: National

We are a specialist digital technology company developing Mobile Apps (iOS & Android), responsive websites (which work on any internet connected device) and integration with the major social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify).

Expertise and experience of the delivery of maths and English:

We developed NIACE's award winning App 'Maths Everywhere' which is accessible both as a resident mobile app and a responsive website.


Specialist childcare Apprenticeship, Traineeship, and Classroom Learning Provider. Most of our delivery is via group face to face teaching, but our online content and delviery is increasing. We use Moodle, BKSB, but are developing our own e-portfolio system to work alongside our MIS. The age range of our learners is 16-62.


XtLearn enables providers to gather together and present contextualised collections of resources in visually engaging ways. Collections can be embedded in VLEs such as Moodle but also in other environments where appropriate (including environments for learners with various learning difficulties). We can arrange for all resources assembled for the project to be accessed by providers across the regions and edited, added to and refreshed for continuity and sustainability post pilot.


Ashtree specialises in systems integration, allowing MIS, diagnostic programmes such as BKSB, and VLEs to interact with each other in order to maximise performance and minimise replication.

We have also developed an extensive hosted MIS database optimised for work based learning, linked to a document management infrastructure. Underpinning all our work is high quality architecture and systems analysis.

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