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The service is intended to provide an off-site resolver service for Janet customer organisations with Primary Connections, or organisations with certain specific needs.

Apply to Receive the Off-site Resolver Service

To apply for this service, please use the Off-site Resolver Service Application form.

If you are a Janet customer, and your application is approved, it will be made available to you at no additional cost. Please email the Janet Service Desk to discuss your requirements in more detail.

If you are currently managing your own DNS services, but would like to discuss how Janet could help with your DNS resilience plans or additional requirements, please email the Janet Service Desk.

Conditions of Use

Use of the Janet Off-Site Resolver Service is subject to the:

Customer Responsibilities

You, on behalf of your institution, will be responsible for:

  • providing a means to resolve local queries, such as name resolution for a local printer, which should be done through local name directories if a local DNS service is not used.
  • configuring your computers to resolve DNS queries through the Janet service.
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